About us

The mission of KennisDC Logistics Gelderland is to:

1. Provide support in solving issues at both the corporate, supply chain, and (local) social level.

2. Systematically encourage students, teachers and logistics professionals to achieve excellent results in their daily work.

We do this by developing, bringing together and providing access to logistics and related knowledge for logistics education and training.

The related knowledge for logistics education and the professional field, both in the Gelderland region and Internationally. We make use of practice-based research in which there is intensive cooperation with companies, knowledge institutes and other stakeholders.

Together with the other KennisDCs in the Logistics CoE, we are developing an extensive knowledge network that connects students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals. This contributes to deepening the knowledge and skills of current and future logistics professionals and to promote excellent and innovative logistics solutions.


The vision is that within an international context we will be seen as an excellent knowledge partner recognized by the regional and (inter)national field of work.

The vision is to be an excellent knowledge partner in the field of logistics, within an international context, with specific attention to Healthcare Logistics, Sustainable Logistics, Human Capital and Data Driven Logistics.

We want to be recognized, sought after and found by organizations, knowledge institutions and the regional government as the place where as the place where practical logistics knowledge is developed, stored and shared.

In this way, the KennisDC makes a substantial contribution to realizing the logistics ambitions of Logistics ambitions of companies, organizations and governments.

The KennisDC wants to offer support to the (logistics) training programs within the HAN (at both The KennisDC wants to support the (logistics) education programs within the HAN (at both strategic, tactical and operational level) in curriculum development and the creation of an inspiring learning and research environment for students and teachers.

Finally, the KennisDC wants to make a concrete contribution to the three focal areas of the HAN and to the realisation of the ambitions of the Organisation and Development Academy.